BENSTAR MARKETING CORPORATION a renewable biofuel industry, with focus on enhancing the nation’s energy security, based on today’s urgent need to save the country and world from “Polluting Gas” emissions.

BMC BIO is committed to producing bio fuels which aids reduction in dependence on petroleum fuels, and aims for better tomorrow through research and enhancements.


Engine Oils

2 W. Engine Oil

3 W. Engine Oil

4 W. Engine Oil

Gas Engine Oil

Diesel Engine Oil

Crank Case Oil

Steering Oil

Front Fork Oil

Brake Fluid Dot 3 Oil

Coolant Oil

Gear Oil

Automotive Grease

Industrial Lubricants

White Oil

Industrial Fuel

BIO Additives: –

  1. Petrol Additives
  2. Diesel Additives
  1. Kerosene Additives
  2. Aviation Fuel Additives
  3. Marine Oil Additive
  1. Industrial Fuel Additives
  2. Petroleum Refinary Additives
  3. Engine Oil Additives
  4. Gear Oil Additives
  5. Automotive Grease oil Additives
  6. Industrial Lubricants Additives
  7. White Oil Additives
  8. Polymer Additives
  9. Paint Additives
  10. Customised Additives